It all started when I was in college...

I couldn't grow a beard.

Growing a beard really wasn't that important in the grand scheme of things, but when you attend college in the middle of the state of Maine, it seemed like something you were supposed to do. My friends could grow beards and I couldn't. It just didn't seem fair. I felt out of place. I was tall, skinny and beardless.

Naturally, I gave myself the nickname Macho Bearded Guy.

If I couldn't grow a beard, well, I'm sure you can guess how macho I really was.

After I left school, I married my sweetheart and started a family. My children, fast learners that they are, soon realized that I was indeed not macho nor bearded. I needed a new nickname, one that they would really believe.

I became Wicked Cool Guy.

Remember the part about the children being fast learners? Unfortunately for me, they figured out, and rather too quickly I might add, that I was not Wicked Cool. According to them Wicked Cool Guys don't repeat the same John Cusack quotes from a marginal (their words, not mine) 80's movie. Wicked Cool Guys don't dance in the car at stop lights. Wicked Cool Guys don't listen to Disney movie soundtracks while doing the dishes.

I thought about their musings for quite some time, and I then came to a very profound conclusion: Wicked Cool Guys do all of the above and more.

I believe that being Wicked Cool is about finding that something you are passionate about, then doing it to the best of your abilities. Share that passion with others. Show your friends and family that it is Wicked Cool to enjoy art, music, theater, animals, sports, or whatever your passion is. Let's all work to make wherever we call home a better place for everyone.

All that from a t-shirt? Yup, don't call me crazy, just call me Wicked Cool Guy.

Let me start. My passion is art. My favorite painting is Renoir's "Dance at Bougival." It is hanging at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Go see it, it is amazing.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, I still can't grow a beard, but I'm okay with that.

Dan O'Brien - August 2013

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